Your New Mood Music

Heard of Koa Ho? We hadn't either — until Sunday, when he released his debut album. (Closed Captions) rolls sweetly in its listeners ears, but reveals an introspective side to the (semi) new-to-the scene Miami native.

When announcing his latest release, Ho stated in his Instagram post "(Closed Captions) represents a time in my life where I felt like I wasn’t ready to allow my voice to be heard, and I didn’t really even realize that until now - so I'm excited for what the future holds."

The record boasts nine songs and a bonus track titled "(Montreal)." Ho keeps his sound consistent on the record: light, airy, and full of easy-going melodies, but don't let the slow groove deceive you. The opening track "(Control)" starts with the line "Rest assured I'm only coloring inside the lines. Couldn't help it I'm still so afraid to go outside."

Lyrically, Ho doesn't shy away from what's important to him and his low vocals contribute to the mood. "(Blind Spot)" adds some variety with light falsettos that lift the track, and the vocal rhythm on "(Ready)" keeps the listener engaged.

Though Ho wrote and produced most of the tracks on the record, "(Suburban Sadness No. 2)" was produced by artist and producer Cassie Marin. The track, which is under a minute and a half long, is no darker than the rest of the record — but it wraps the overall feeling of the record nicely.

Koa Ho sings about his own demons, but they're demons his audience have faced over and over themselves. In sum, (Closed Captions) just might be your new mood music. It is ours.

Listen to Koa Ho's debut record (Closed Captions) below:

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