Yeller Has Risen from Hell with the Burning Question "Are You Ready To Die?"

Debuting in a time when we need it most, an exciting new Nashville project, Yeller, has just released a head-splitting, pulse-pounding, hyphen-inducing banger.

Birthed in the midst of a hopeless quarantine, Yeller is a side-project of the Nashville rock band Quiet Oaks (check back in our archives for our review of their latest single "Make Up Your Mind"). If you know anything about Quiet Oaks, you know they bring a party to every show they play. Their energy flows through a room like delicious Skol Vodka flows through frontman Dane's veins. Yeller is no exception. All that's changed is that they've turned up the volume and the fuzz — times eleven.

The formal story is that Yeller was formed by Dane Sandberg and Spencer Sayer of Quiet Oaks, but I think the real story is that they emerged from the depths of Hell after shotgunning a beer with Satan himself. "Are You Ready to Die?" begins with eerie tones of radio frequency before busting into a ripping, fast-paced, two and a half minute sludge fest. I won't pretend to know a whole lot about metal; truth be told, I'm much more of a soft dad-rock kind of guy. But to me, what makes this track stand out from a lot of the metal music that has slipped past me in the years, is the heavy bass riff that is effortlessly catchy. Additionally, the single boasts Dane's unique versatility as a singer and Spencer's thunderous drum chops and production skills.

The only downside to the release of this song is knowing that I won't be able to rage to it live for an undetermined amount of time. But in the meantime, play this song LOUD while you angry-dance around your room like you're Kevin Bacon in Footloose. I promise, it'll release a ton of built-up tension that we're all surely storing right now.

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