Wild Squash Shines with Simplicity

Updated: Feb 18

It's no surprise the single we're reviewing this week is a love song — after all, New Music Friday fell on Valentine's Day this year. But, unlike some of the incredible cheese that came out Friday (looking at you, Bieber), the love song Wild Squash put out last week is both simple and beautiful.

For those of you unfamiliar with Wild Squash, the project is the brainchild of Conner Fersner, a Nashville-based singer, songwriter and rocker. "Hair Like Mine" — the love song he dedicated to his girlfriend on Friday — is his third single to hit Spotify and other streaming services in the last six months.

Unlike his previous stoner rock singles with a clear southern influence, "Hair Like Mine" is a softer, effortless tune about the little gestures lovers make in relationships. The acoustic track features Fersner’s voice and a guitar only, and if anything this is where he really shines. The lines, "She keeps my belly full and at night she drinks my wine" and "her mouth can be dirty, but she keeps my kitchen clean and she takes care of me," would be easy to write off if not for Fersner’s honesty, but it's his genuine tone that keeps this track from getting lumped into the just-another-love-song category.

Listen to “Hair Like Mine” below:

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