The Tension Release We're All Seeking

There's something comforting and refreshing about really good indie rock. Quiet Oaks are no exception. The Salt Lake City to Nashville-based four piece released "Make up Your Mind" on March 13, and the single is — in no uncertain terms — a banger.

The single starts slow and soft, if not for frontman Dane Sandberg's smooth and yet incredibly rough vocal performance. It's a track that builds into a cathartic release of cacophony a la Radiohead's "Climbing up the Walls." The southern-inspired indie rock band blends sounds well; the track flows seamlessly from start to finish, building tension and then, somehow, releasing it before it's finish.

Part of Quiet Oaks success is, of course, due to the incredible talent in the band. Sandberg's voice, together with the quality instrumentation, combines glam-reminiscent themes with southern sounds and west coast vibes. It's a sound that is uniquely familiar and yet also reassuringly new.

Listen to "Make up Your Mind" below:

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