Kara Frazier — Seven Ages

Kara Frazier’s voice is rich, rustic, and powerful — which is why her first single “Deliver Me” was such a hit right off the bat. Friday finally saw the release of her debut EP, Seven Ages, a four-song ensemble that boasts vocals with the power of Carrie’s and richness like Amy’s.

Seven Ages opens with “Dirty Water,” an upbeat pop song with a strong drum presence. Following the more modern pop track is the R&B inspired “Heart of Stone.” The EP also features her previous hit “Deliver Me,” before finishing up with “Mother,” the slower, bluesy, experimental track that focuses on the richer quality of Frazier’s voice.

Frazier’s lyrics are real, soulful, and most importantly, relatable. Her voice is enough to draw listeners in, but her stories keep them around. Ultimately, Frazier’s EP is a little busy with her genre bending, but her voice serves as the glue that holds it together. Listen to Seven Ages below.

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