Jay Putty: Breaking Point or Breakthrough?

A catchy blast from the past? Or John Mayer and Sam Hunt’s love child? You decide.

Jay Putty, a Nashville songwriter and musician, recently released his first track of 2020, and, well — it’s no surprise that Putty often talks about John Mayer’s Room For Squares’ influence on his life and music. With almost 36,000 followers on Instagram, Putty is clearly making his mark on the industry, and there's no doubt his music resonates with his extremely engaged audience.

Putty's new release “Breakthrough” is a heartfelt track about two lovers reaching a breaking point in a relationship. “Is there enough for us to save? Or do we call it what it is and walk away?” is the central theme of the song, and Putty does a nice job of capturing the grief of realizing the person you thought you’d be with forever may not be your forever person. That said, it's a track that seems to belong in the “Chariot” era of music.

Putty’s delivery may not be groundbreaking, but it’s straightforward and easy to relate to. His pleasant falsetto adds to what would otherwise be any other breakup song written in 2001, but its a refreshing — if simple — change of pace to start 2020.

Listen to “Breakthrough” below:

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