Halle Kearns Gets In Her Feels with "Shoes To Fill"

Halle Kearns hasn’t been in Nashville very long — in fact, it’s only been about the year. That hasn’t kept her from taking off, though. The young Missouri native just released her third single “Shoes To Fill,” and while it’s a change of pace from the pop-country sweetheart’s upbeat, albeit conventional sound, Kearns sticks to her honest lyrical style.

“Shoes To Fill” is a ballad the artist says is “a huge part of [her] story.” The song is clearly an ode to her father, with the chorus proclaiming “If you wanna take the hand that he held first, you have gotta be the man he showed me I deserve.”

Though the track is much different than her previous singles “I Don’t Drink Whiskey” and “Pick Me Up” (which has an accompanying music video featured by CMT), Kearns proves she’s just as capable at slowing things down as she is having a good time. Though it’s clear Kacey Musgraves still has a monopoly on “in your feels” country, Kearns’ effort is definitely up to par. “Shoes To Fill” is no “Mother,” but it’s a sincere, heartfelt song that evokes both nostalgia and the urge to call your dad — just because.

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