Emmy Perino Debuts Strong with Paper Heart

If you’re looking for a weekend adventure, Emmy Perino’s debut EP Paper Heart is a good place to start. Perino’s voice, in combination with the flighty sounds of her melodies, soft drums, persistent strings and some gorgeous guitar work lift her listeners straight out of their surroundings. The whimsicality of the EP is somewhat reminiscent of Florence + The Machine’s early releases, but Perino’s folk influences pull listeners in a different direction, similar to Lucy Rose.

The title track begins with a rush that immediately sucks in her listeners, but it quickly relaxes into an ebb & flow that makes them stick around. Though she wrote the EP five years ago, tracks like “Out of My Silent Planet” speak to her lyrical ability. Her writing is relevant as ever, and Perino’s audiences will relate to her themes of love and loss.

Perino’s debut is nothing but captivating, and she sings as if she knows it. Paper Heart was released on March 1, and it’s available on all major streaming sites.

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