Danny Polo Brings Authenticity to Pop with "Honest With Myself"

Dany Polo stripped things down last week with his latest single, “Honest With Myself.” The track, which dropped March 1, is simple for a pop track, but it's not oversimplified. The song is super chill, but Polo uses his vocals to add just enough flourish to keep things dynamic. His vocal talent stands out in this track with an impressive falsetto, but he doesn’t even come close to overdoing it — which just makes it even easier to appreciate.

Lyrically, Polo keeps things modest, but sincere. Lines like “I don’t wanna look back on a wasted youth,” snap things into perspective early for listeners. The track is relatable, but it’s not too heavy lyrically to relax with.

In his own description of the track, Polo states, “This song is a turning point in my music. I'm just trying to be as authentic as I can be.” Ultimately, Polo achieves the desired effect. He’s delivered a thoughtful track with good vibes that will keep his listeners coming back. You can check out “Honest With Myself” on Spotify, or you can check out the official video below.

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