Christopher J. Essex Matches with Country Gold in Debut Single "Swipe Right on Me"

Christopher J. Essex once played Johnny Cash in Broadway’s Million Dollar Quartet. Listen to his debut single, and you won’t be surprised. Essex has a classic voice for country music, and he puts it to good use on his new single “Swipe Right on Me.”

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s pop country that takes itself too seriously. Essex doesn’t fall into this category. In fact, “Swipe Right on Me” combines the concept of dating online and video chat meetups in what might be the only clever way possible.

Admittedly, I had my reservations — a song titled “Swipe Right on Me” can only be cheesy. I was right, but in the best way possible. Essex’s debut is upbeat, fun, and witty, and his vocal talent doesn’t hurt either. Combine it with clear musical talent, and you’ve got a winner.

In an era where online dating has jumped in popularity (Business Insider reported a jump in online dating app usage since COVID quarantine), Essex has made his mark. No one likes online dating, and if there were ever a good song about it, it would have to be a country song.

It just looks like Essex might have beat everyone else to it.

Listen to “Swipe Right on Me” here:

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