Born Animal Gets Groovy with New Protest Anthem "Last of Your Kind"

Born Animal is back with their first single since the world shut down, and “Last of Your Kind” doesn’t disappoint. The track takes a groovier direction than the band’s previous material, but the protest song brings a refreshing change.

“Last of Your Kind” is a welcome addition to the madness of 2020. Inspired by the civil unrest in America, Born Animal collaborated with Philadelphia-based rapper MULU to fuse genres and test new waters.

The single, which features baritone sax (played by Thomas Eisenhood), has a catchy hook. It’s a groove for sure — listeners can’t help but move along with the song, and MULU’s verse, which was recorded entirely over Zoom, lends a fierce posture to an already potent track. “Last of Your Kind” aptly released today, less than one week before Election Day.

Of course, Born Animal isn’t the only band to mix things up during quarantine, but “Last of Your Kind” manages to hold on to Born Animal’s signature energy while opening up a new creative direction for the band. Listen to “Last of Your Kind” below.

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